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Global Structures

Global Structures Ltd. is at the forefront of modern technology to build houses with wooden structure

Established in 2003, Global Structures main task is to become one of the largest timber frame engineering and manufacturing company in Bulgaria and the area. Global Structures provide timber frame kits to both the domestic and commercial market. We manufacture, supply and erect the timber frame structural shell. The advantage of timber frame is that the builder can proceed with the internal and external work immediately thus leading to a speedier construction time. Global Structures LTD was co founded by Joe Crozier and Boris Goncharov who between them have over 40 years of experience in the timber frame industry. The growth of timber frame over the last number of years has been exponential. It now accounts for nearly 27% of homes built in Ireland , Scotland , Great Britain and other countries. Global Structures LTD has been involved in a number of ventures in Ireland, England and United States where actually both partners met for the first time. Our continuous investment in research and development means we’ve been responsible for most of the technical innovations in the past five years – a reflection of our commitment to keeping you, our customers at the centre of everything we do. With each new technical development, many are adopted as industry standards. However, we continue to improve our products and processes so that both you and the environment benefit from our revolutionary approach to home construction. Always happy to share our experience , we also offer an advisory service on all aspects of home building, from design right through to completion. Manufactured at our factory under quality controlled production environment, our unique wall construction guarantees only the highest quality certified materials. With all options varying from a standard 89mm right up to 220mm, we have the technology to suit every possible requirement.




Timber frame construction in the UK , Ireland and other countries is based on factory-made structural elements. The timber framed wall panels carry the loads on the building to the foundations whilst the outer wall provides decoration and weather protection. The outer wall is a matter of choice; it can be brick, stone or lightweight claddings, such as timber boarding, tile hanging or render. Factory production of the timber frame panels ensures that they are accurately manufactured to precise tolerances in a controlled environment away from the variants of Bulgarian cold winters and hot summer.

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Everybody understands that the fuel economy of a car is measured in “miles per gallon” (MPG). The higher the number of miles per gallon the more fuel energy efficient the car is. However when it comes to the thermal performance of a building how do we do it ? The phrase used to express thermal performance of a building is the U – Value. Except in the case of U –Values , the lower the U-Value the more energy efficient the building should be. These values are a legal requirement by law and enforced through the building regulations. However in many cases these theoretical calculations are not being achieved. The main reason for this is a phenomenon known as “thermal looping”.

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These homes are highly engineered and well designed with standards of quality assurance that are very high …….. Many millions of people in North America and Scandinavia live happily in these homes and more and more people in Europe prefer that type of housing. It (timber frame) gives a very warm house with much lower energy use than other types of construction. Live in it and enjoy it.
Timber frame construction offers our purchasers a number of advantages over other methods. Houses are warmer and more efficient to run, and because timber frame is exactly engineered, rooms are built to very accurate specifications, which obviously assist when decorating and furnishing.
Whether sold as new or resold in the open market, current evidence clearly indicates that timber frame housing completes and performs just as well as any other form of housing, and indeed appreciates in value just the same.



By living in a Timber Frame home you will be helping protect the environment for future generations. You will burn less fossil fuel, produce less CO 2, and less damage to the Ozone layer, and save yourself a significant amount of money over your time because of your reduced heating energy requirements.
All Global Structures homes are manufactures using wood from managed forests. This is purpose grown timber which is being continuously replenished by a responsible and on-going program of planting new trees.

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As anyone with children knows, family life can be noisy! Consequently, it is good to know that the internal walls of a timber frame house are excellent sound-blockers. At Global Structures we can offer a variety of options for improving sound insulation to levels far in excess of those achieved by masonry walls. The external walls of a timber frame house, which contain up to 150mm of insulating quilt, are extremely efficient in preventing external noise from entering the family environment. Also, when it comes to sound insulation of floors we can offer you many different methods of achieving both impact and airborne sound-deadening which is second to none. In fact timber frame houses are a great deal less susceptible to noise pollution than their concrete block counterparts. Because of its anti-noise characteristics, timber frame technology is now becoming the favoured option in the construction of the latest generation of European hotels, nursing homes and private houses . And at Global Structures we are trying to lead the way in this industry sector.



Why do people in the world's coldest climates live in timber-frame houses? Easy: because they are warmer than any other kind! So if you travel to Scandinavia, northern Canada, northern Scotland, or Siberia, you'll see lots of timber-frame homes. Now it may not be Siberia in your sitting room or Kamkatchka in your kitchen, but either way you'll be very aware that your heating bills go sky high in the winter. So it's only common sense to ensure that your new home is as thermally efficient as it can possibly be. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you'll be wealthier for having been wiser. Whether it's a nine-inch hollow concrete block or a concrete cavity wall, nothing compares to the comfort and warmth of a highly insulated, superwarm timber frame home. Because timber frame homes have less mass than concrete, and are highly insulated, they warm up much more quickly - responding very rapidly to heating and incidental gains. Timber frame houses far exceed the current requirements of Irish and British building regulations and especially Bulgarian. If you'd like all the technical data relating to thermal performance, energy ratings, and U values look for engineering specifications and details of timber frame. Should you, however, not wish to go into too much technical detail right now it can be pretty much summed up in a single sentence: YOUR SUPERWARM GLOBAL STRUCTURES TIMBER FRAME HOUSE WILL BE MUCH WARMER THAN ANY CONCRETE HOUSE, AND IT WILL BE CHEAPER TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. Any further questions?

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